Twitter Android developers, I dislike you.

I have been using twitter since 2010 and I would consider myself a power user. I love Twitter, the product, and I have developed a deep emotional connection with it. This emotional connection is, however, constantly being sabotaged by the user experience on the Android app. That app is one of the most frustrating piece of software ever written. It simply makes people miserable.

I suspect that most Twitter users are familiar with the issues I am about to mention. Here are my top 3 issues with Twitter’s Android app:

1. The app automatically jumps to the latest tweets

1 year ago

This is by far my biggest issue with the Android app. Here is what happens: You are reading something interesting and the app suddenly decides to jump to the latest tweets. It is as if it is telling you that what you were reading is irrelevant and that it knows better. This is rude and extremely frustrating. So frustrating that I sometimes want to throw my phone on the ground (then I remember my economic status 😅).

It is really driving people insane as you can see in the comment below. And there is more of such comments on the One Plus forum.

Like that user, I used 3rd party Twitter clients for a while: Carbon, Talon, Falcon, name it. But as they failed to catch up with new features, I found myself coming back to the official app and accepting this issue as the price to pay.

It’s been over 2 years now, please fix this.

Timeline jumping from 34 min old tweets to newer tweets

2. I can’t quote a tweet after retweeting it.

Every day I find myself retweeting something, having to undo the retweet in order to quote it, then retweet again. Seriously, why does the chronology of my actions matter? This is a no-brainer. And most 3rd party clients have implemented this, meaning it’s not even being enforced on the server side. I can’t understand why you have such a restriction in the first place.

3. Replaying a video reloads it from the internet

Me trying to replay a 2 sec video on a 3G connection

In case you didn’t know, people replay videos. Yeah, It’s a thing! Trying to replay a video that I just watched downloads it all over again. And this is noticeable whenever I am on a slow internet connection. How difficult would it be to cache the video? This is not just a matter of user experience but also saving your users some data(thus money) and reducing the load on your servers.

From my point of view as an Android developer, these issues seem quite trivial. And people like Joaquim Vergès and Chris Lacy have single-handedly written 3rd party Twitter clients that have resolved most of these issues.

Twitter, you have an army of Engineers, UI and UX experts.What are you doing?

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