The Forest Beside my House

I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. At the top of the hill just before the University of British Columbia: (map)

University of British Columbia, Pacific Spirit Regional Park

There, on the UBC Endowment Lands, is a forest.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park, University of British Columbia Endowment Lands, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I walk there all the time, it’s fabulous. Recently i saw signs for a new volunteer group:

Pacific Spirit Park Society, Acadia Forest Restoration Project

the map shows exactly the part of the forest i use the most :-D

Pacific Spirit Park Society, Acadia Forest Restoration Project

my first training session was for:

PSPS Stream Water Monitoring

this was super cool because we mixed a bunch of different chemicals and the test tubes were turning orange, then blue 0_o we tested for: water turbidity, pH, oxigenation, and temperature.

these tests are done once a month for quite a few years, so there is a good record of the health of that stream since the annual addition of local salmon fry.

as well there was a general information session, about the various aspects of the program.

also there was invasive species mapping training…which is also super cool because we got to do GPS tagging and record data onto an iPad

PSPS Invasive Species Mapping: Cleveland Trail

Invasive species mapping team getting ready to head out to Cleveland Trail
Gear! GPS tagger, iPad, mapping sheets, tape measure
When we invasive species mapping we ever so vigilant! :-p

group returning to 16th Ave from a succesful day… we mapped both sides of the entire Cleveland Trail! (y)

Cleveland Trail, Pacific Spirit Regional Park, UBC, Vancouver, BC, Canada

that day for the afternoon i planted 20 new trees just above U Hill Elementary School on Chancellor Blvd :-D

EcoBlitz — PSPS — EcoTEAM Planting Event!

as we got there from the morning’s volunteering up by 16th, the morning planting crew were finished enjoying their pizza, refreshments, and snacks:

the pre-prepared patch for us to start planting

area plant ready for our shovels

white flags mean a pair of specific trees (Dogwood white something and another one that was kind of red), green flags meant cedar trees. another team was planting those

white flags mean one of each specific tree
clear a spot and start shovelling!
check mark on both sides of white flag means both trees are planted

afterward we ate some of the pizza and had some more fruit and refreshments.

this weekend will be out there once again! :-D