Yes yes, we know till date you thought Smoothies are milk shakes and milk shakes are smoothies. But sorry to disappoint you, it’s not the case. They are as different as Seeta can be from Geeta or Karan from Arjun.

Milk Shake & Smoothies are different & one shouldn’t use them interchangeably for a drink. Though both of them make you go weak at your knees, here is our attempt to differentiate the two.

A milk shake is a sweet & cold drink which contains milk. It also contains ice cream & may contain flavouring like concentrate or chocolate that sweeten the beverage.


Oreo Shake from Twigly


Smoothies on the other hand have fruit as their base (instead of milk). It is a thick blended beverage with the base as yogurt, milk or juice along with crushed ice. So, it may or may not contain milk at all. Additional ingredients like honey , protein powder can be added for taste & nutrition.

Smoothies are touted as healthy while Milk shakes are all pleasure. Smoothies can be used as a meal replacement.

Mango Cranberry _Twigly

Mango Cranberry Probiotic Smoothie from Twigly


Get up, enjoy your smoothies or milk shake and then go blast your blogger friend with this newly found wisdom.

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