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“Is the meal Jhatka or Halal ? ” — This is a question usually asked by Muslims whenever they go out to consume meat. Have you ever wondered why is it so? And, what exactly is the different between the two ? After all, it’s meat!!

The term Halal in Arabic means “fit for human consumption”. It’s the method of animal slaughter that makes a meat Jhatka or Halal. As per Islam, Muslims are only allowed to eat Halal meat.

What is Halal Meat?

Halal involves a swipe with a sharp blade across the animal’s neck, severing the windpipe, jugular vein and carotid artery. In Halal, the animal is slaughtered slowly with holy prayers from Quran offered letting the blood of the animal to completely drain out.

What is Jhatka Meat?

Jhatka, in Hindi means “swift”. So, in Jhatka meat, the animal’s head is severed in one single blow. In this, the animal dies instantly.

What experts say — Halal or Jhatka ?

There is a scientific reason too for the choice of Halal meat by Muslims. Animal’s blood contains enzymes, harmful microorganisms & toxins. In Halal, the blood is drained out completely as the animal is still not dead, thus preventing blood clotting in the veins. But in Jhatka, as the animal is killed instantly, not all the blood drains out. Thus coagulation of blood happens. Since, blood is forbidden in Islam, Jhatka meat is a strict no no for Muslims.

Muslims are allowed only Halal

Muslims are only allowed Halal Meat

Another reason behind preferring Halal over Jhatka is — when animals face trauma, the glycogen content in their muscles is activated, leaving the meat tough (due to stiffening of muscles) as is the case with Jhatka. Halal meat is even found to be tender & fresh. This in one way portrays that Halal way is less painful for the animal.

Religion says…

Muslims consider Halal meat as good for everyone. Sikhs on the other hand believe otherwise. They are not allowed to eat the meat on an animal slaughtered the halal way. They believe that the slow halal slaughter is inhumane & tortourous while jhatka slaughter gives minimum pain to the animal.

If killing of an animal is the final goal, we wonder if an instantaneous or slow death is what helps the cause. Whatever is the best way, but we shall not let this argument drive a wedge among the religions.

halal or Jhatka meat

Meat — Jhatka or Halal ?

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