MYP Personal Project Exhibition 2017

The Personal Project is at the pinnacle of any MYP student’s learning career. It is an opportunity for students to explore and engage in a topic of personal interest and create a product that demonstrates their ability to research, critique, investigate and innovate.

At SSIS this year, projects range from a biographical novel, to a Taiwanese travel guide, a Hyperchair made of Lego, to an original cook book, and thus demonstrate the immense diversity of interests, and skills that an MYP education can enkindle.

Unlike final exams and standardised tests that focus on performance or outcome, the Personal Project emphasises process over product. Students demonstrate their thinking within a global context, their approach to specific problems and their method of development in the Personal Project Report. The MYP Exhibition provides an opportunity for students to showcase that process and, most importantly, to reflect on their growth as an IB learner.

At SSIS, our values are at the heart of all that we do and the MYP Personal Project is no exception to that. Throughout the Personal Project, our Grade 10 students have shown that they have personal rigour; they have managed themselves when faced with setbacks, held themselves to a high standard and shown passion for their products. They have shown that they are principled; they have integrity over the work they have produced and have held themselves accountable. And they are open-minded; open to new challenges, receptive to feedback and accepting of change.

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