Dating is really just as bad as running your business with only money on your mind. When you ‘chase’ the money you may see a lot along the way but in the end you wont be happy and/or lose it all. Dating, is similar… its like you’re trying to chase your soul mate. I believe dating is the main cause of divorce because you force the relationship. You may love the person and be content but eventually it breaks down.

The successful relationships usually have a pretty crazy, unorthodox beginning. The ones that end after 6 months probably started on Eharmony or Tinder (not saying there aren’t successful relationships built online but its you making the decision to use it for a special purpose -not just dating- that leads you to the one).

If you want to have a successful business, use love, gratitude and hard work and you will become a magnet for those things. If you want to find the man/woman of your dreams, then love everyone. You will become a magnet and your opposite will attract. Its the way the universe works.

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