I only know how to cook what I know how to cook…

I’m constantly learning and evolving my food. I don’t have a style, if anything it’d just be practicality. Cooking like the everyday person just with new ingredients every time and I’ve become obsessed with knowing how each and every little micro nutrient affects your body (whether it’s positively or negatively). I can then create real balance with what I eat.

I want to say I’m super healthy but that’d be a lie. I like Popeyes and A&W so what? I just balance.. I eat that shit like every couple weeks, it actually feels like a treat (pure happiness) and in between all that I make sure is that I’m pumping my body with nutritious foods.

I haven’t even sacrificed anything. I’ve just replaced the old with the new. Dairy is very tough on the stomach… but I love cheese. I don’t drink straight milk anymore, I drink almond milk, so fuck it, I’ll eat cheese. I used to use whey protein (from a cow) now I use hemp protein (vegan). I’m not vegan either, it’s just better for your body.

Balance everything in life, but if you start by focusing bit by bit on what you consume then you will start seeing how much more in tune you are with your body and how easy it is to balance everything

(hint: this is a form of self awareness)

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