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I bet 99% of you never thought that there was a difference between being kind and nice. I bet that same 99% also never even thought of thinking about if there was actually a difference between being kind and nice. I was part of that 99%, but you know who was part of that lonely 1%? Grant Cardone. One day, about a year ago, I was watching YouTube videos and stumbled upon a Grant Cardone video (which I now cannot find for the life of me) about why ‘nice guys finish last’ and he went on to explain how being nice is actually being selfish. If I remember correctly, he does talk about people who are ‘kind’ and their manners compared to those who are ‘nice’. Regardless of how I remember that video, I do remember that it got me thinking about the whole ‘nice guys finish last’ thing. Gary Vaynerchuk (another guy I constantly follow on YouTube) uses kindness as his weapon. I think about this a lot because I always thought that when people interacted with me, I want them to think I’m nice. I dug a bit deeper and believe I have found exactly what these guys mean when niceness is selfish and kindness is what you really what you need.

I gave some new definitions to these words ‘kind’ and ‘nice’. I mean, they’re very simple concepts but as you grow older they actually develop in meaning. When you’re a kind person, you intend to help others. When you are a nice person you intend to please others. It’s an interesting concept. When you’re kind, you want to help people unconditionally, but when you’re nice, you must receive something in return because that would be the ‘nice thing to do’. That is how nice people think. Kind people are confident because they do what they believe is right. Nice people are insecure and scared so they actually try to be nice. There is no sense of entitlement when you’re kind. Entitlement is a main reason people are nice. All these things made so much sense as I kept thinking about their differences. I was so amazed I considered my discovery of this, a life hack.

The point to actually caring about the difference between being kind and nice all goes back to just living your best life and finding genuine others to be a part of it. You may think you’re such a great person for helping everyone all the time but if you’re asking for a money or something in return then that’s just being nice. Nothing wrong with that but just once, help someone with absolutely no expectation of getting something in return and see how that person changes the way they are around you. Then do it for others and see how everyone else starts changing around you. If you think that is weakness, then you’re weak. Kind people are never taken advantage of because they aren’t trying to please people and others will start showing a great amount of respect. The nice guys, who are the people pleasers, are the ones who get taken advantage of, and that is why they finish last.

Getting the right people in your life is difficult as trying to re-learn what simple words mean like ‘nice’ and ‘kind’. Do you think you’re nice? Are you really? You always hear ‘Yeah nice guy and all but…”. Evaluate who you are and who you want to be. This particular life hack about being kind instead of nice will allow you to truly vibrate that energy you need in order to attract the right people. The absolute best part of that is once you have those people, they’ll be there for life. When you find people who unconditionally love you, support you, make time for you or do you a favour, only then will you find a good piece of that very thing we are on this journey for; happiness.

NOTE: Try to find the words ‘nice’ and ‘kind’ in the picture attached to this topic. I like to think it depicts the “Nice to Kind” spectrum based off the content of this article. Hopefully this further helps you understand the difference between being nice and kind. (The word kind is there, I promise!)

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