People always talk about the ‘PATH’ of life… well here’s how you to know if you’re on your path…

There is only 1 true path for yourself and it’s a fairly straight line. This is your real path… and the way you know you are on this path is if you are doing what you feel is right, if you’re happy and you focus on you.

There are many forks in your straight lined path… these other directions are external influences from your parents, family and friends. If you DO NOT choose what you feel is right for you then you have chosen to veer off your original path. In order to get back to your path you’ll have to cut across the grass where the snakes are… meaning you’ve chosen a different path now you have to UNchoose it. You may get into fights, lose relationships but you HAVE to get back to your own path to continue a happy life and get to where you need to be.

The speed bumps and winding uphill roads are the things life throws at you with just a “speed bump ahead” sign and you must recognize these signs in order to have any idea that ‘life’ is about to happen. If you don’t, well, SURPRISE! This leads to awareness of thyself and your surroundings. Eventually on your path you will be able to see the signs miles ahead and that’s how you prepare for when ‘LIFE’ happens; It’s how to expect the unexpected.

You can either be moving forward in a straight line (your path), diagonally on someone else’s path, standing still or moving backwards.

Moving backwards is the worst. This happens when you follow absolutely nothing. You don’t care, and you’re actually hurting yourself. Standing still happens when you have no idea what or where to listen (right before the discovery of self awareness). Moving forward on someone else’s path is a distraction from YOU living your life happily. Moving foreward on your path is the ideal situation. You hit road bumps still but you need those in order to gain ‘life experince’.

Stay true to you, don’t be influenced by other people. Stand out, don’t be a follower. Listen to your heart and what FEELS right.

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