To complain about them makes no sense because NOBODY CARES. It’s very true… ‘I have to get up at 5 am so I can feed and get the kids ready for school then get to work on time and I am just so tired because my husband snores and I get 4 hours of sleep a night and I have to do this and that…’

Like fuck, at least you have a job and kids and a husband and a car and a house… THIS IS A PROBLEM for many people. They maybe have no family and ONLY have a car and has to live in it. Now, think about it even further, a homeless man living in a car… well, he could sit there and say his life is shit too. But now go DOWNTOWN and you’ll find people sleeping in the streets with a make shift blanket and not even a car roof over their head and just their legs and feet to get around with.

Before you go off complaining about how bad your life is, put some perspective into IT because if you we’re thrown out onto the street with nothing and nobody, I guarantee majority of us who complain, but still have houses, cars and real lives, WOULD’NT MAKE IT.

Complaining is the BEST way to destruction. You start believing your complaints and you start complaining to everyone else and they will catch those negative vibrations you’re sending. You will start hating what you do and wishing you had more and you will only attract like-people because the people who don’t complain, also don’t want to hear it.

Personally, I’m in a situation where I’m surrounded by straight complainers. I have certainly put myself here as I used to be a horrible complainer and would always make up excuses. Now it’s tough to choose the family you were given, so I cannot run away from that, but friends can come and go easily. I barely have friends I actually enjoy hanging out with anymore because everyone brings me down. As soon as I get pumped to do something, someone ruins it with bullshit negativity which I am quite sensitive to.

JUST DON’T DO IT. Before you’re about to say to someone ‘im soooo tired’ or ‘this sucks’ whatever the complaint may be… think about the opposite; how lucky you actually are to be in that situation in that moment. Positivity wins, negativity loses every single time. Put yourself in someone’s shoes who isn’t nearly as ‘lucky’ as you. Your mind will start thinking in ways you never thought and your body will start pumping out positive energy for you happiness and success.