The Secret Is Out
Rasmus Filipsen

In all of this drama thing, though some are vague, Envy has made several points clear about Puppey’s irresponsibility, including the managers and whoever is holding the prize money. Since this relationship is built on trust, the bloodsuckers we call “business-people” take advantage of it. You really can’t use “trust” as a statement. Dota 2 has become a legit sport, and every player, manager, agency that plans to make an agreement must have everything written down “on ink” in paper with signatures, seal, etc. by both parties of the contract. If proper arrangements have been established in the first place, then all of this drama would never have occurred. This isn’t just about gaming anymore, it’s livelihood, and finance as well. Which opens up the possibility of filing lawsuits against the contracter/ee for not upholding their end of the deal.