Simplicity within…

Image via Unsplash by Colton Brown

Is “simple” the good life? Or is having more, doing more, being more, the good life?

There is a fundamental difference in the mentality between someone who see’s the good life in more and someone who see’s the good life in simplicity.

The person who see’s the good life in more is in a nonstop state of lack. At some point, for that person to truly experience the good life, they need to see the good life in what life is right now, not in what life needs added to it. If that transformation never occurs, they’ll always feel like the good life is someplace in the future, when they finally have, do, go, become, etc.

There’s a justification that arises when we think about having, doing, being more, and how that’s the good life. The justification is that somehow, that one more thing will trigger freedom and contentment. As if a good life can be triggered by something external. It can’t be.

Truth is, the good life comes from simplicity within.

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