Bid Adieu to these 5 habits for a Healthy Sperm.

Parenthood is an unimaginable joy for every man, but there are times when his efforts to conceive are in vain.

It might get frustrating sometimes and we men might start blaming our partner for her inability to bear a child or might do something worse. But before pointing a finger at your partner you must see if the flaw is of your own or you just need to make some changes in your way of living.

Yeah you read that right, by “Living” I mean your life style, your work, your every day errands etc.

Well, let me give you some brief points which might be the cause for your sperm to be UNHEALTHY!

№1 — Are you a gadget guy?

Let’s assume that you are using your laptop, may be making presentations or uploading images or posts Worse yet, unless you’ve been living under a rock, Wi-Fi is probably a big part of your world too. We all hook up to the internet wherever we are through Wi-Fi. The bad news is, this combination of laptop usage with Wi-Fi link-up can actually cause your sperm motility to decline. Researchers on one study that backs this claim say that the position of the laptop, in such close proximity to your testes, causes damage through a nonthermal effect.

№2 — Isn’t one drink enough?

Excessive drinking casts a doom’s spell on your sperm’s health. A man with chronic alcohol intoxication had teratozoospermia or abnormal sperm morphology, which progressed to oligoasthenoteratospermia where density and movement were also impacted. Over time, as things worsened, sperm could only be isolated using a centrifuge because their volume was low in the ejaculate, a condition called cryptozoospermia. Ultimately, he developed azoospermia which means the complete absence of any viable motile sperm at all in the ejaculate.

№3 — Binge eater?

If you love junk food or consume processed foods then your sperm is more like to take a hit. Multiple studies have found that high intake of processed meats, especially when it comes at the cost of adequate fresh vegetable and fruit intake, can negatively impact semen quality.

№4 — Toking on a cigarette!

Smoking cigarettes is a habit you’re constantly told is bad for you, but it isn’t easy to quit either. If starting a family is important to you, that could be the motivation you need. Cigarette smoking negatively impacts sperm density, sperm count, and the percentage of motile sperm in the ejaculate.

№5 — Stressed?

If you think stress isn’t a habit, you are wrong. Think how stress has taken control over our lives. If you break this cycle to over come stress and find a way to unwind & relax then it will have a bigger impact than you imagine. Studies have shown that psychological stress hampers sperm quality, causing a decline in its ability to fertilize an egg, work stress surprisingly was not a problem; it is the stress in our personal lives and because of major life events that needs to be addressed. Either way, ensuring you get enough sleep and taking up yoga or meditation for relaxation may help.

So if you want to enjoy being a parent, or at least have a healthy sperm, these habits will guide you right to it.

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