It’s ok to be different.

So I got home last night, walked in the house and did my daddy thing and gave Mal Mal a hug first (because she always meets me in the driveway) next gave Lanie a hug and a kiss then proceeded in the kitchen for my final big hug and a kiss to the woman that supports us all. When I turned around Lanie had these stuffed animals that she got from class after having some crazy number of stamps which she gets for doing good things.

She was so proud to show me the four stuffed toys and said “daddy, I got four of these from the box at school, the dolphin is me, the panda is Malia, the bee with a heart is mommy because she loves us and the mouse is you.” I laughed of course and loved it because at that moment I realized something.

Jenny and I are doing what we are supposed to do as parents. Though we struggle at times we are teaching our children. We are teaching them to be different.

As I looked at the stuffed toys they made me smile because they were not all the same kind of toys. They each had their own characters and look. That is something we try to teach our girls (be you, but respectful). It’s also ok to be different amongst others. You see she probably has very little understanding of how the real animals/mammals would ever interact in real life however all she knows is that they are different for each person and they can cohesively work together. Thats important in life.

It’s ok to be different.

In a world filled with average and normalcy its important to instill in our children to be different and be you respectfully. My question in my head that I woke to today was; what do each of the toys mean in personality wise? I mean I get the bee with a heart (jenny) Panda (totally malia) the dolphin is free and artistic (lanie) but the damn mouse for me? Really? hmmm. Back to thinking about this one. Make it a good one. Be you.