What can be done in a year?

It started again. As my eyes open and I take a deep gasp I can feel the oxygen fill my lungs. My mind races as it makes every attempt to grasp on to all the signs from yesterday. I feel a pain in my side from the pressure of sleeping incorrectly so I toss myself to the left and the uncomfortableness subsides. That’s when it happens. My mind is awake at 3 am. Excited for the day. Exhausted by yesterday’s 19 hr day.

What can I do in a year I asked?

It’s not a lot of time was my original thought.

What if I didn’t try?

The answers to my questions were quickly swallowed by the opportunity that was at hand. That opportunity came in the thought of a very untimely death. I thought to myself; what if I didn’t do a damn thing in 2016 and was just alive for another year? Then at the beginning of 2017 I sat back, drank another beer at New Years and had another hard talk with myself, you know the same one that I have every year. Then the next day I was gone. Taken out of this life by some tragic misstep, removed from all of this by some misunderstanding from the power be that I was done on my journey and I had to go. How unfortunate that would be and would have been.

Luckily I chose to make 2016 the biggest year of my life. I chose to take the road that some never take. I chose to listen and found that my life purpose was to help others achieve their goals and to stand firm with them or move with them if they were afraid to charge ahead with life on their own. This pays me back daily with riches from words and reach outs from the branches of our digital family tree. This tree grows stronger everyday and I cannot explain how appreciative I am to have so many of you to help with our girls. I know one day I will be gone taken from this earth in a blink of an eye and I’m confident when that time comes my legacy though simple and small will live on forever. My great great grandchildren will look up what grandpa did and find that I tried to stay positive in a world of chaos where the vale was wide open and I had the ability to absorb it all in. The good, bad and the ugly yet through our community my beautiful wife and I where able to live a fruitful life and grow a beautiful digital family tree that continued to give back long after we were gone.

Much love to the now and forever. It’s 3 am again of day two of the biggest week of the year; the world is silent but my mind is racing, I press go and jump out of bed to start the day as the clock is ticking and I am alone with the words that bounce around in my head. It’s our time to make a difference and inspire the children by showing them what it’s like to live a life of passion driven purpose with love. What can be done in a year? A hell of a lot. Don’t let another day go by without telling those people in your life you love them. Don’t let the clock tick away from a life half lived, reach for the spark that will ignite your internal flame and allow the light to shine brighter than all the energy from the stars. #electrifytheyoung #ideatolaunchin366days #digitalfamilytree #youbetterbeliving #besomebody