After all this time?”

The greatest love story of my generation but the truth is that in real life, no one really thinks that this kind of passion and longing is as sweet as Snape gets credit for.

Snape’s longing for Lily goes deep. Years go by and, even though he has not seen her since school, she is still on his mind. The moment he hears that she is in danger, he deflects from the dark life he has known for his entire adult life, to save her life. He lost a part of himself and his soul when he found out the she had died.

How would this look in real life? Classic story of boy meets girl in high school. They try dating but realize that there are too many differences between them to make it work. They graduate and go their separate ways. Years go by and the boy, now man (let’s call him Eric and the girl, now woman Marie), has not had a successful relationship, if any at all, because of his longing for Marie. Eric has chronic depression and is indulging in destructive behaviors. While doing this he continues to stalk her and keeping up tabs. The people that know him are telling him that he needs to get help. Marie gets wind of this and gets a restraining order.

Does this kind of passion for one person occur? A huge resounding YES. Is it as adorable and heartfelt as people look at this scenario in Harry Potter? An even bigger NO. It’s dangerous. The most treacherous part is that it is hard to break that connection to a person that holds your heart.

J.K. Rowling did an amazing job at making us feel Snape’s side of emotion but failed to show how it affected Lily.

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