Ok so I’ve been reading a lot of articles on Millennials in the work place. I’m sure if you’ve ever followed @Inc. or @Forbes on Twitter you’ll see these articles trending on their pages. It’s a very important topic now with more and more Baby boomers retiring, the Millennial Generation as of 2015 is the largest in the US workforce. Being part of this eager to grow Generation and always trying to learn and improve, I like to skim the first couple of paragraphs to see if anything catches my eye. Here’s a few concepts about Millennial’s that I found interesting.

On average any Millennial will have between 2–5 employers in their professional career. Now I really think 2 is on the low side of things, unless you get hired at a hyper-growth startup that actually makes an impact on this earth like Uber or Airbnb with some type of profit sharing plan. If you’re ever on Quora, the top trending questions are always, how much does a Google employee make? What about a Facebook design engineer? If these topics entice you, there are plenty of x company employees answering these questions!! They are also admitting that they’ve worked for Google, Intel, and Facebook and so on… that’s 3 employers already! They are probably in their high 20’s to mid 30’s at most (you can use LinkedIn to tell). Most Millennials are easily going to have 5 companies under their belts before retirement. I forecast between 3–6 employers for my professional career.

Work/Life balance is everything! “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Now this one is easier to accomplish with LTE, laptops with 8+ hour batteries, and programs like Skype or Google Hangout. I do believe a healthy balance between work and personal life will reduce stress and make you a better person but…. you have to hustle to get ahead, end of story. Define what level of success makes you happy and do what it takes to get there. I know millennials that works 12–16 hours a day and I know ones that work 6–8, if their incomes aren’t much different now they will be in the future. You decide where you want to be and put your time in wisely because larger obligations like mortgages or kids can be in our near future.

“Just text me the info I’ll get back to you.. “ Now this is one I can fully relate to, Millennials prefer communication through electronic means rather then traditional methods such as the phone or face-to-face. Why meet to go over something that can be handled through a text, email or a quick call. It saves time(more time more money!), if you forget its saved in your mobile device, and with newer operating systems some of it is directly input to your calendar without even doing anything. Here’s the thing, it is my job to see people face to face, or use a phone to manage relationships. My manager pushes me towards it everyday and I think it’s a necessary social skill that the Millennials needs to get good at. You will stand out to senior management or mentors, prospective customers, and coworkers. Face to face and phone communication builds stronger relationships that will provide will have the retention to outlast an email or text only relationship. Go out of your way every now and then and see a customer, a friend, a prospect or whoever I guarantee it will improve the relationship.