“HILLARY CLINTON WON FAIR & SQUARE” Bill Maher on Real Time Now Supports Hillary Clinton

Bill Maher supported Bernie Sanders in the Primary and now supports Hillary Clinton for President

I love “Real Time with Bill Maher”. His show is always mentally stimulating with guests from all walks of life and on every topic. Of course Bill Maher, like all other comedians, loves the Presidential Political Season. It’s great for comedy material.

Bill has been an unabashed Bernie Sanders supporter. He has had great monologues on Bernie, Hillary and all the Republican Contestants all the way down to the winner Donald Trump. Bill even said on one episode that he had donated $1 million dollars to Bernie’s Campaigns.

Bill has had guests on that support Bernie, Hillary and Trump. I always DVR the episode just in case one of his guests happens to be an Overly Rabid Republican who supports Donald Trump. Case in point-Ann Coulter! Enough Said.

Last night he opened his show with Sen. Barbara Boxer from California. Barbara is a 4 term California senator who is retiring at the end of this term after 40 years in Politics! I loved this interview. One of the best parts is where Barbara speaks about the 20 years she and Mitch McConnell did not speak at all. One thing you learn in this wonderful interview is that Barbara is not only a strong woman but you never would want to be on her bad side.

Barbara talks about her avid support of Hillary Clinton and stands her ground in defending Hillary Clinton’s AUTHENTICITY and describes her as “THE SMARTEST GIRL IN THE ROOM” and that she will get the job done as President of the United States.

Barbara Boxer’s New Book “THE ART OF TOUGH”

The Art of Tough

Fearlessly Facing Politics and Life


“One goal of this memoir is to inspire people to fight for change. It takes what I call the Art of Tough and I’ve had to do it all my life.” — -Senator Barbara Boxer

Barbara Boxer has made her mark, combining compassionate advocacy with scrappiness in a political career spanning more than three decades. Now, retiring from the Senate, she continues the work to which she’s dedicated 30 years in Congress. Her memoir, The Art of Tough, shares her provocative and touching recollections of service, and cements her commitment to the fight for women, families, quality, environmental protection, all in a peaceful world.
Sometimes lauded, sometimes vilified, but always standing tough, Boxer has fought for what is right even when her personal convictions conflicted with her party or the majority rule.

When you watch the episode from June 9th Bill gives Bernie Sanders the respect he is due as far as creating an important movement that helped push the Democratic Party to the left but also has brought in millions of Millennials with his grass roots movement and that hopefully they will stay involved at the local level and change the future of the whole Political System.THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU SHOULD TAKE AWAY FROM BILL MAHER LAST NIGHT IS THAT WE MUST ALL COME TOGETHER AND SUPPORT HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT. SHE IS THE BEST QUALIFIED ON DAY 1 AND WE MUST ALL DO EVERYTHING WE CAN WITHIN OUR POWER TO KEEP DONALD TRUMP OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE.