“WILL HE OR WON’T HE?” Bernie Sanders with his TERMS for his ENDORSEMENT of Hillary Clinton-NOMINEE

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will have their final primary in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, June 14th

In two interesting articles this morning discussing Bernie Sanders Support of Hillary Clinton on ABC’s ‘THIS WEEK” & CBS’s “FACE THE NATION” Bernie Sanders sent out two different messages.

On “THIS WEEK” Sander’s interview was a more positive interview talking about how he will wait until after Tuesday’s primary to meet with Hillary Clinton and discuss her platform before ENDORSING HER. Here is part of the article discussing the “FACE THE NATION” Interview:

Sanders wanted to wait until the final presidential primary campaign in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday was over before essentially conceding the Democratic primary race to Clinton and talking to her about how he can help her beat presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. Clinton last week sewed up the majority of delegates even before winning big victories in California and New Jersey.

Sanders said on ABC’s This Week that he will talk to Clinton about a progressive platform for the Democratic National Convention and “if she wins, what kind of administration she will have and whether or not she will stand up forcefully for working families.”

Sanders said he wants to help shape a Democratic platform that includes higher taxes on large corporations and billionaires, tuition-free public colleges and universities, a stronger effort to combat climate change and a massive jobs program “to put millions of people back to work.”​ These are all issues that HILLARY CLINTON HAS ALSO CAMPAIGNED STRONGLY FOR.


Sanders wants to make it very clear that he is going to do all that he can to do to defeat Donald Trump. In another section of the interview:

It is incomprehensible to me that in 2016…that his man (Trump) is running his campaign based on bigotry,” Sanders said on ABC. “I will do everything I can to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t become president of the United States.”

As he prepares to end his campaign, Sanders said he is especially proud of attracting the majority of young voters in the Democratic primary contest.

“What that tells me is that our ideas…(are) the future of this country,” he said. “The American people want real change in this country. They are not happy with status quo politics.” www.usatoday.com/...

However on CBS’s “FACE THE NATION” his interview comes off with a different tone. One of negotiation and demands BEFORE HE WILL ENDORSE HILLARY CLINTON. In this interview Sanders stated : “Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said Sunday he won’t endorse Hillary Clinton for president until they meet and he measures her commitment to battling Wall Street, wealth inequality and other priorities that powered his rogue presidential campaign.

“I look forward to sitting down with Secretary Clinton and see what kind of platform she is going to support and how aggressive she is going to be,” he said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” ‘’Dependent on how Secretary Clinton comes down on many of these major issues will determine how closely we can work with her.”www.yahoo.com/...

Sanders phrasing and tone definitely speak with “Demands & Negotiations” with terms like “Dependent on How Secretary Clinton”more so than that of campaigns joining forces in Unity to defeat Donald Trump.

On Sunday, he made clear that his endorsement of Clinton was not to be taken for granted.

The campaign Sanders built is valuable to Clinton. Rooted in pricey notions of free college educations and health care for all, Sanders’ campaign attracted scores of younger and female voters. These voters earned Sanders 45 percent of the Democratic delegates to the party’s national convention. Across the Sunday talk shows, Sanders suggested he wants to ensure that Clinton’s support for those priorities is more than words spoken by her or printed on the party’s platform.

“Generally speaking, a platform is a piece of paper tucked away in some kind of drawer, but I do not want that to be the case nor do millions of people who voted for real change want that to be the case,” Sanders said on CBS. “That is exactly what Secretary Clinton and I will be talking about.”

Again, as he has throughout his campaign, Sanders implies that Hillary Clinton would listen to him but possibly agree when speaking then ignore platform issues they agree to. This continues to show his negative attitude towards Hillary Clinton and failure to not endorse but embrace the fact that HILLARY CLINTON IS THE FIRST FEMALE NOMINEE OF ANY PARTY TO BE NOMINATED FOR PRESIDENT.

It is encouraging that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will be meeting Tuesday after the D.C. Primary. Of course Hillary knows he will be coming with his list of demands for the Democratic Party Platform, but for Sanders to speak in a threatening way and saying phrases like ‘’Dependent on how Secretary Clinton comes down on many of these major issues will determine how closely we can work with her.” ​voice his still demanding tone and what seems an attitude of control after accessing his loss of the Democratic Nomination.

Also from the “FACE THE NATION” Interview: And Sanders was powering down his campaign, laying off half of his staff and meeting with Senate Democrats who said afterward the Vermont independent seemed under no illusions about the fact that his upstart campaign was near its end. On Sunday, he was to meet with supporters and senior advisers at his home in Burlington, Vermont. Here is the link to the CBS link for the Face The Nation Article also: www.cbsnews.com/...

All we can do is HOPE Sanders Meeting with President Obama, Senator Reid and hopefully talking with Senator Warren, and Sen.jeff Merkley will help in forming a presence of togetherness and unity when Sanders meets with Clinton on Tuesday evening.

I am sure we will here from Hillary and Bernie’s campaign on Wednesday or Thursday next week. Because the Majority of their Platforms are So Similar it will be an announcement of UNITY-COMING TOGETHER AND TO MOVE FORWARD TO DEFEAT DONALD TRUMP.