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The market for recyclable material has collapsed nationally and locally. Cleveland’s once profitable recycling program has been discontinued. But that does not mean that we should do nothing. There is a path forward. This path includes long term solutions that create a local market for recycling and a short term path that continues to recycle those products where there is still a market.

How Did We Get Here?

Back in April, with little notice to the public or to City Council, the City of Cleveland shut down its waste recycling operation, effectively mixing recyclable items with rancid garbage and sending…

The Defining Challenge of our Times

On Monday, Governor DeWine announced plans for the much-anticipated re-opening of our economy which has been essentially shut down by the coronavirus pandemic. But as we contemplate the long term health of our economy there are two sets of questions facing elected officials. The first set of questions are questions of how we safely reopen our economy. The second question involves what actions elected officials and others can take to ensure the long term health of the economy.

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Photo by CDC on Unsplash

On the first question, the reopening of our economy should be guided by the recommendations of the public health community. In Ohio…

Kevin J. Kelley

City Council President, City of Cleveland

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