I Discovered Medium

Well, this is a misleading title, is not it? Medium was already there, It just happened that I finally decided to have a go. But if the spaniards could claim what then will be called America as their own, why can not I do the same with this new social media?.

I am not sure how it work or whether I am going to use it often as I do with others. Nevertheless, fear not, as I always do I will give it a chance. Usually, me sticking to a new thing depend on the level of interest it is able to creat in me. In case of social media, it is down to the level of interaction. The more people I get to read about that I know are using it, the most likely I will stay on it.

Show me what you can do Medium, and we shall be friend until you are acquired by a major company that I don’t appretiate, or the natural business cicle get you and ads start appearing everywhere and you become enoying.

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