Less Than 24hrs Review

This feels like a twitter without characters limit. I download the app for iOS and I think it is like the feed you get using the micro-blogging network. It was kind of a bummer not been hable to write from my mobile. The platform seems simple enough, so I thought it was a plausible posibility. I read in the FAQ section, thought, that they are working on it. I hope they do it fast, being a sucker for writing/blogging this seems awesome for a quick post.

I Really like how you can divide a section and add a picture in the background. Also, how easy is to add a picture in the text. The formatting for dividing the headers was a good implementation of the code, simple for anyone. Maybe in the future the will allow to do the same with the title, or maybe it is not such a good idea, after all, the internet could be a dark place. –oh wait! you can, I just learned how… damn!

They still have to work on it, the first time I tried it crashed a few times uploading the file.

Another feature that I think should have is the possibility of direct sharing via Wordpress –or any other blog media service. I know people don’t use G+ that much, but I do, so a link to that network will be nice as well. I pressume it will eventually happen. Finally, they should make the subtitle appear on twitter and shorten the link to the site. But this are more details, the idea still feels appealing.

So far, so good, for this new thing on the internet.

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