How We Decide We are Going to Fail

It’s as simple as it is devastatingly lethal.

It happens as often to us professionally as it does personally.

And it begins with a lie that sounds something like this…

“I can’t because the market isn’t strong enough right now.”

“That won’t work for me because I don’t have my MBA from an Ivy.”

“I’m not political and don’t have the right connections.”

I could go on and on…

The truth of the matter is that there are plenty of people who’ve been in your same situation (possibly worse) who’ve made the shift you want to make.

Yet, we settle for stopping before we even start.

We begin rationalizing our resignation by thinking — even saying — things like…

“I’m paid six-figures, so I shouldn’t complain.”

“Look, I’m grateful to have the opportunity I have.”

Where else am I going to find a job that offers me ____________.

Why do we do that?

Olivia shared something called confirmation bias earlier this week. And we’ve talked about flipping the script from “I can’t” to “I have to.

Yet, we still fight change we know will be good for us.

That’s because it’s even more deeply ingrained than that.

It’s our “lizard brain” (or Amygdala) and has been with us since the Dawn of Man.

This part of our brain was designed to keep us safe…

Fight or flight.

And, when it comes to change, well…


Our “lizard brain” HATES that.

It’s something we see in clients constantly and both challenge and lead them to overcome.

So, here’s our question for you:

“Where are you encountering this right now in your life?”

(This article originally appeared on Career Attraction)