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Ok , now I understand David Clarke . I didn’t get it but he like Trump live in their own personal realities. Did he say police brutality ended in the sixties ?

Really ??? What in the hell you think started this mess . Police ( sorry some police officers ) are just as brutal as some gang members. Now because of smart phones it’s being put out there. Racist people want to believe it’s a black and white but until you have been treated so unjustly you won’t understand or you don’t care because it’s not you. If police were held accountable for their actions this problem would not exist. Instead they do whatever they want and there’s is always a reason why they get off with 30 days desk duty. People are at the breaking point when their unarmed son’s daughters fathers , brothers, friends are shot and killed for no good reason . Police are supposed to serve and protect the community. They are supposed to uphold the law not be above the law. They are not supposed to be the judge, jury and executioner. All I hear is about black on black crime . Well those folks go to jail they are held accountable. Personally I couldn’t care if sheriff clarke was blue but his way of thinking is way out there.