An Open Letter to the DeKalb School District

I am a junior at DeKalb High School. Junior year isn’t the easiest. I’m bored in almost all of my classes. Miss Foster is my humanities teacher and her class is the highlight of my school day. Miss Foster is a relatable, caring, and an all around great teacher. Her ability to make friendships and to connect to students is one that I haven’t seen before. Miss Foster was recently informed that her contract is not going to be renewed next year due to the fact that she is family friends with a former student.

DeKalb High School is going to be taking a serious loss with her departure. The main people to blame here is the incompetent administration. Starting with Michelle Albano, the Principal. Albano has been the least liked Principal that DHS has ever seen, and her too but justifiably was notified that her contract would not be renewed. Albano got her position due to the fact that Tamara Ropeter, a student favorite, was fired for something she had no control over and Dr. Doug Moeller (still on administrative leave) was looking for someone to pleasure him and not the actual high school.

The administration should be completely disgusted with themselves for not just screwing over themselves and Miss Foster, but the students of DHS. I have not heard one person say that she was a bad teacher, not one bad thing about how she treated a student. But that doesn’t matter to the administration, they are too focused on their already bad public relations to know what’s good for them. You have made a terrible mistake.