Why I don’t answer most phone calls
Adrien Joly

Adrien —

Thank you for writing this excellent post!

This resonates with me, in particular, because I’ve worked in a sales capacity and, too often, (prospective) clients think that it is o.k. to ask me to cold call their own prospects. It is not o.k.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that calling is highly ineffective and no one answers their phone, anyway. It is also downright rude and obtrusive to the recipient of the call. When you think of it, that is exactly how you do not want to treat people you want to do business with. I do not take on new clients who insist on making unscheduled / unsolicited calls to people and am in the process of phasing out an older client that still does.

In conjunction with my present work (still somewhat sales-related), I place enormous importance on understanding the needs of my prospect. That requires a lot of research into who they are and what they require — and whether we can provide that for them. I do that research with the phone ringer turned off. If an incoming call is all that important, people can leave a short and concise message. However, like you, I prefer a text.

Thanks again for the thoughtful post!


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