New Editor: VS Code

Trying out Visual Studio Code.. So far really like it. First word that came to mind using it was “smooth”. Currently developing in Python, but now getting further into Django and OOP (from Flask). So far I like the color tagging much more than the other editors. Particularly with the OOP side of things.

Screen shot of basic Python/OOP code, with Powershell (configurable) console window in bottom pane.

Also using the “Dracula” theme, if you’re interested. I like it just a little better than the included Dark theme. Seems to highlight important things just a little better.

Was using Atom for several months prior to this. Mainly to write/edit JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python/Flask/Jinja, and even a little Ruby on the side. While I liked this latest version of Atom — it is MUCH improved from the prior versions. I found myself fighting with the auto-correct far more often than I should have. To the point that I disabled that functionality.

Another important benefit is they got the Console window mostly right. The only minor annoyance is it’s not color-coded, but this is probably something I have not figured out to set, so likely a personal problem.

Prior to Atom I was using Sublime. That’s a great editor, but so far VS Code has it (and Atom) beat I think. Kind of sucks because I actually paid for Sublime, so it’s not a special feeling having it sit there idle. But time marches on.. And time flies like an arrow.