The Power of an Audience

June 8th, 2017

I don’t write this blog because I desire to be heard. Nor do I write this to appease the masses. I write because I love it! It’s very simple. I love what it can do for me, and I love the empowering feeling of expression. But some things are unavoidable.

It is no longer possible for me to write this in secrecy, nor do I necessarily desire secrecy. I enjoy writing because it helps others — and shows people that it is okay to express yourself and your opinions truthfully. I can’t deny that there is a bit of opposition among the masses though. For one reason or another, it’s not considered “manly” to tell people how you feel. Upon opening this blog many people have jeered and laughed — but alas, here we are. Still going. And still loving every bit of it.

I’m writing this post because I see a lack of expression among my colleagues. I mainly, but not only aim this at the Smashers who feel pressured by their audience. Specifically the ones who have a lot to say — but no place to really say it or truly be heard. Most discussion nowadays is on Twitter, where they are subject to a wide audience… a wide audience left to interpret the 140 character conundrum that will surely be misconstrued along the way.

Recently Mew2King has been posting vaguely about his feelings. About being misunderstood. About conceit. About desiring his audience’s love.

I’ve always known Mew2King to be a goofball. And a bit of an eccentric — with a myriad of wild opinions that I love and hate at the same time. And also a person I look up to greatly, I might add.

There is a not-so-surprising phenomenon among eSports personnel in the way that they feel trapped from expressing themselves. Various personalities have different kinds of audiences. Most gaming communities see Twitter as a casual place to digest their favorite player’s thoughts, and to better understand what this player experiences in real time. I can’t lie — Twitter is easy. I love it. But it’s not enough. Although their voice is heard and generally is supported, nothing is truly saved, and words often become irrelevant by the hour.

I saw this two nights ago when I read Mew2King’s twitter. It feels awful to see someone with so much personality, so much spunk, and so much impact — feel like he can say so little. Why???

I only wish to extend my hand — to show my colleagues that expression is the best kind of freedom. I don’t even want to lead by example. People don’t need to copy my writing style, or look to the micro details of anything I do in this blog.

I just want everyone to be heard. I don’t want our enormous audience to intimidate us, but to empower us. Not to empower our ego, but simply to empower us with the freedom to express and be heard — and be understood that much better.

This was a bit of a serious post — and I really REALLY don’t plan on making more like these. I want eSports to be healthy. Starting with the players that are most dear to us. Thank you for reading, and I’ll be writing to you guys more soon!

eSports personnel that I personally want to hear more from:
- Person, description — ‘twitter handle’
- Mew2King — ‘MVG_Mew2King
- Syrox — ‘SyroxM
- Tafokints — ‘tafokints
- Miss Harvey, Counter Strike Professional — ‘missharvey
- Kira — ‘Kira_SSBM
- Dan Fornace, Rivals of Aether creator — ‘danfornace
- Android — ‘UGS_Android
- HPforGamers, physical therapist for CLG — ‘HPforGamers
- Hugs — ‘Hugs86
- Santi — ‘SantiagoSmash
- Zikz, CLG LoL head coach — ‘Zikzlol
- HotshotGG, CLG founder — ‘CLG_HotshotGG
- Xell, Riot employee — ‘XellTweets

Stay cool guys! And look out for more soon ❤

To any people who really do want to start a blog. Go ahead and write about anything you want. Melee, anxiety, frame data, sports, food, love, exercise, computers, politics, day jobs, fashion, improvement— anything.