The Iron Yard

Day 39/40

Day 39: The first day of AngularJS. I had purchased a book, AngularJS Up & Running, and it seemed to really help guide my learning. Our curriculum shows we are supposed to cover the remainder of AngularJS on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the following week…which is the week of Thanksgiving for us.

Day 40: This was Friday, the day of our presentations and guest speaker. Our guest speaker today was Bill Shelton. He completed a bootcamp so he was able to give us insight about how to apply for jobs. He also has a background in cybersecurity, which is a field I would enjoy getting into. I presented over Yarn, a package manager to assist node by enabling asynchronous downloads to speed up the process as well as lessen security concerns and instabilities caused from different semantic versions on different machines.

We have a time at the end of the week to wind down. This Friday we had pie with friends, relatives and people from the community invited. OCTanner was represented by Ben Bertrand, Ryan and Barry. We enjoy them as they host MeetUps that benefit us. It doesn’t hurt that everybody wants to work there, either. I had a great visit with Ryan, who is a back-end engineer.

The final thought concerning the week: our HVAC is completed and the heat was turned on around 3pm.


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