The Iron Yard

Day 36

To start off, the building we are in was without power from Thursday at 4pm last week until today…mostly. No elevators, so we had to take the stairs. That isn’t a big deal, unless you have to carry a bicycle or are older. It was also brought to my attention that the stairs don’t have adequate lighting. At least they had the electricity hooked up to the floor we are using, even if they did have to run an extension cord to the wireless router so we could have internet connection. Is that the definition of ironic? A Front-End Engineering course without internet connectivity.

Today’s lesson was over D3. I keep typing D3 data only to delete the ‘data’ afterwards. Does anybody else do that? There are so many things one can do with D3. It allows us to visually display data. I like how our instructor teaches things as we are going to use them. Earlier, he covered TDD (test-driven development) prior to the Global Day of Coding. This weekend the majority of the class is attending a Big Data seminar, so the lesson covering D3 was very beneficial. Our assignment was to take one of the examples from Curran Kelleher and update it so it still displays data with the latest update (4.3.0).

Next week we are scheduled to learn about Angular, then we are released to work on our final project.

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