The Iron Yard

Day 17…I think

As I sit to write this, I can’t believe another week is almost half-way complete. Yesterday we continued our project covering APIs, obtaining the information, and how to present the information. I had built a weather app over the summer, but the way Sean taught us the information made much more sense. At a local MeetUp Tuesday evening, Alvaro used a weather API to build a weather app. Maybe seeing it the third time, but it is starting to make sense about where things belong as well as where the information is and how to present it.

I know that I need to present at our local MeetUps, but it is a bit intimidating. That being said, the only way to truly test my knowledge of the material is to teach it. We have a Free Code Camp MeetUp that may be a great starting place, then I can move to the SLC JS Learners’ group.