Heart Sourced

What breaks your heart? Pause, and think on that for a moment longer. It is from this question’s answer that I have found and seen a reality worth living in. It is cleverly concealed by falsehoods of fame or fortunes and sinful fabrications, pushing us to avoid these thoughts. Yet the answer only partially reveals the full consideration, what remains is how you respond and use this answer. Let us begin at the beginning with the immense choice of where to aim and direct one’s life. For some cause or purpose to be worth your energies and emotions I put forth that first it must have broken your heart; interestingly, this usually seems to be a story more than a response. For me, I have seen the shortcomings of church schools that leave students wanting, leading me to become a Bible/Special Education teacher. My loving friend Mary’s heart was broken through adopting her younger brother from Eastern Europe and seeing all the children in orphanages, so now she trains to be a missionary. Another good friend, Bre, had her heart broken by the caring for family members, and so enrolled into nursing. If there is no heart disturbance, which can only happen when free from earthly desires and anxieties, then the goal may seem noble but become worthless and you will be drained by it rather than filled. Through a broken heart the outpouring of God’s love can commence and the Holy Spirit’s guidance advance. An authentic resolve then emerges towards that harmful and dour situation. By sourcing our hearts, not brain, nor strength, we can become co-restorers with Christ, bringing back what is lost and light the world anew by His unquenchable desire for us.

After this broken state comes movement in our daily lives, what did you do today to mend that which broke your heart? How are you applying yourself to its repair? A trap of the Evil One is to make a problem seem too big. It is in the small things we learn how to handle the bigger ones (Luke 16:10). Your time, relationships, work, finances and even entertainment are all under your control and grade your resolve. It was by a little wish to share a meaningful sermon I had heard, and a little poke to volunteer at my school, all within my daily time, that have built me up to creating sermon series, lectures, letters such as this one, and my big goal of becoming a teacher to enable positive change my church’s education system.

Lastly, after a heart is broken and then moved, it must be developed. Under the Holy Spirit’s guidance this may include a university degree, college training, or education outside of standard intuitions; the point of growth remains. Both the problem and problem solver change, for they both have an expanding nature. To be rooted in that perfectly broken heart is the main focus and by it I train to become a teacher, Mary trains to be a missionary, and Bre to be a nurse. The key is using what resources, training and talents you have towards personal development and understanding. Though if not carefully attended to, training may blind the heart with empty knowledge, we need to learn and receive the Lord’s solutions not a compilation of complications. It is beautiful and amazing how our gifts are so accurate for our role in restoration. From this process of brokenness, movement, and development we not only come to understand our calling and passion but cultivate who Christ desires us to be. This is the model I have found, not only in the lives of my friends and I, but also in Jesus’ actions. By our sins we broke His heart, which moved Him to die for us and then to continue developing us back to our true identities. This is the reality I have come to see, one worth sharing with Him indeed.