Functional and Decorative Home Enhancement in Single Purchase

The fireplace used to be the primary source of warmth and heat for cooking way back in the olden days but of course, stoves and ovens have since then taken over. This has reduced the fireplace as a ‘functional’ feature that is more of an accessory and nice to have rather than a ‘must’ in the home. Many buyers consider this an amenity that they don’t want to do without when they are shopping for a new house so contractors and building companies have started including this accessory but you can’t just have a hole in the wall without any type of adornment supporting it.

This is where the surround and mantel serve a useful purpose as enhancements to the fireplace which have the ability to hold articles for display, act as a focal point for the room and even create ‘space’ between the living area and the actual fireplace for safety reasons. Popular building materials include brick, marble, cast stone and granite so it is up to the user to decide whether the current setup is acceptable or needs to be replaced with something elegant and luxurious.

For this type of appearance, marble and granite are the top choices and primarily used by home interior manufacturers that offer classy yet affordable decorative items such as statues, range hoods, bathtubs and fireplace surrounds. Customers can get these products by checking out the online website for inventory selections and templates or working with the design team for a customized product. Marble is unique in that it has natural veins of color running through the stone which already makes each item truly personalized because the pattern is never exactly the same between pieces but it is also a good material for etching designs that create an added dimension and depth to the accessory.

Choose clean lines and simple edges that can be installed by professionals or heavy-weight products that are larger in size in order to incorporate the fireplace space and the surround features at the same time. You can select from the traditional fireplace surrounds or go straight for the products that go from floor to ceiling with the same purpose. No matter which option you decide to go with it is necessary to review the specifications, ask for a price estimate and understand what is involved for the delivery and installation process. This is a heavy material that cannot be carried but requires equipment for movement from the truck to inside the home and designated interior room. However, it is a great way to add a touch of international influence from Italian, French, English or American mantels.

Get marble fireplace surround that fits beautifully in your foyer, bedroom or living area and take advantage of the warmth and heat that it exudes naturally from the gas or wood used to fire it. The surrounding accessory can be functional and decorative or serve only to enhance the room and ambiance as a whole and create an intimate and elegant atmosphere that encourages parties and events at your place every time.

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