Clout comes before cash for entrepreneur GaryVee

Image composite: Insider Images/Andrew Kelly (used under a Creative Commons license)

Entrepreneur and internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk, aka YouTuber GaryVee, is currently recruiting for a “content army” to help spread his message.

The problem? The ‘army’ recruits need to work for free.

The new initiative was outlined by Vaynerchuk in a blog post last month. Creators make something from a vast video library of Vaynerchuck quotes and submit a short edited clip or graphic. If it’s used they will be credited, though not paid.

Vaynerchuk acknowledged there may be criticism about the lack of compensation, tackling it head-on in his blog post. He values “exposure more than cash”. Vaynerchuk said the…

I wrote this in 2010 and a version appeared in the Irish Daily Star.

How do you sum up a friendship? How you distil 50 years into a single conversation. It’s hard, but you can try. Try to give some vignettes, the big and small moments that paint a picture. Some obvious, some not. And that’s what Seán Boylan is doing, describing his friendship with Tony Wilson.

1919. Outside Dunboyne, three men are testing ammunition. There is an explosion. One man, Matt Furlong, dies and another, Seán Boylan snr, is given a year to live. His health was poor for…

Dear George,

I have just finished Game of Thrones and greatly enjoyed it. Of course no book is perfect so I thought I would give you some friendly advice on how to become an even better writer. I hope it is of some help.

  • At several occasions it seemed a gun could have helped the protagonists. Maybe guns weren’t invented in this book. But it could have been helpful for you to make a note. Something like: “Ned was surrounded, twelve swords to one, there was no hope *

* also guns weren’t invented at this time so that particular…

An attempt to define the term ‘Hipster’ and that more malevolent force, the ‘Fucking Hipster’. And some notes on rules regarding the identification of both species.
(I first wrote this on the sadly departed back in January 2013, I stuck it up here for posterity. Haven’t changed anything except a few typos.)


A man or women who enjoys some or all of the following; music, fashion, film, quality TV shows, very bad TV shows, anything retro, blogs, twitter, blogs about twitter, tweets about blogs, Pintrest, Instagram, blogs or tweets about Pintrest or Instagram, blog posts about the definition…

Kevin Donnellan

Journalist. Previously UK Editor and Trends Editor at Storyful

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