A change in thinking

Recently, while attending a toastmasters meeting, I learned a new way of decision making called the six hat thinking. The overall interpretation I gained from this oral presentation is that the six hat thinking method allows the individual or group to carefully take a step back and look at the situation from one perspective at a time.

The style has been around since the 1980’s and was ceated by a man named Edward de Bono. The practice is to change your habitual thinking to a new style of thought that results in a well rounded solution. The best part is that everyones approach is valid. Lets take a look at how this process is organized.

The white hat is known for examining availible data. Whether a group is using analytics or quantitive methods the goal is to learn what consumer trends are. The white hat may be worn by marketing or public relations professionals in a group meeting.

When I think of the red hat, I think of personalization. The red hat allows one to express emotions of the subject on hand. This is where the power of listening to the concerns of others may result in an comprimised solution.

The black hat lets an idividual look at negative outcomes to a construction project. Being cautious and a bit defensive could prevent destruction from happening. The role for the black hat guy is to eliminate or altar the weak links in the chain so the road bike can maximize it’s full potential.

The yellow hat approach is the consultant who keeps things postive. He does so after running a five mile marathon and enters the room bursting with positive energy. The yellow hat guy is good to have around when things begin to turn gloomy for the group.

The creative visionary wears the green hat and attracts the angel investor. The freewheeling thinker has little criticism to say about an idea and can be seen as the risk taker.

The blue hat person is the facilitator of an organization. This person may be responsible for managing time or keeping the meeting on track with it’s agenda.

So, next time I work in a group with others, I will be thinking of Edward de Bono’s Six Hat Thinking method. Maybe it will help me be a better team player.
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