Race, gender, age, sector,SDG match

Those are a few of the questions we will ask of the data in the 150 or so cohort of 150 social entrepreneurs we are giving a ticket to SOCAP17, and whom we will work with for a couple of days beforehand.

Are there more African American than African led startups this year? What percentage of the mobile tech is from sub Saharan Africa? We track tech, energy, health, education, ag, environment, community development, process innovation, hardware and software. We look at whether they are idea, prototype, startup or growth stage. How many men, how many women? How many women in tech? Which of the 70 plus countries that had applicants got in? In 2015, the only time we mapped this group, people from 71 countries applied but citizens from only 35 got in.

90 percent were startups, 32 growth stage, 11 prototype, and amazingly, one at idea stage. Fifty nine women got in, and 75 men. Three hundred eleven men applied and two hundred thirty six women. 120 growth stage companies applied. Twenty eight idea stage projects applied. How did we let an idea stage guy through the door again? Gotta look back at that.

Two hundred seventy seven US companies applied, India was next with 39. Canada was next at 23, Germany had 22, 10 from Singapore, 19 from Kenya, 12 from Uganda 14 from Nigeria, 16 from South Africa, eight from Ghana. Seven Australians, seven from France, 10 from the UK, and 11 Brazilians two Israelis, nine from Vietnam, two from Columbia, etc.