This scholarshipped entrepreneur at SOCAP stands out

I have been tweeting brief snippets about the 150 or so scholarshipped entrepreneurs at SOCAP that we chose out of nearly 400 who apply. Some go on to real success; we have a list of 10 of those we are publishing in our 1oth anniversary program book. This year they are doing things from turning the 10,000 tons of waste feathers that are produced each day in the poultry industry into sustainable materials (prototype phase) to creating sanitary pads to help girls stay in school in Ghana. Amazingly diverse; check my twitter stream to see the one’s I’ve highlighted. I’ve been mapping them here and here.

After looking at more than 20, one stands out. KoekoeTech, from Myanmar. Their technology, initially a mobile app to reduce infant and mother mortality, is now being used to streamline tax collection in the country. Only 10% of water, business license and property is taxed due to cumbersome paper based processes. They are cutting prep time from six months to two, and tax collection is three times faster, and the government is taking in much more money much more quickly. Two stories about their work are here and here.

Forty of the company’s 42 employees are from Myanmar; Buddhists, Muslims, Christians along with several ethnic minorities. They’ve been through one of the most rigorous tech focused accelerators, GSBI at Santa Clara University and they are Echoing Green fellows.

I don’t get excited about tech itself, but tech that understands process innovation, linking a lot of stakeholders in complex processes to change the way things are done is tech that interests me. They are clearly system entrepreneurs and I’m going to invite them to our System Entrepreneur Summit the last day of SOCAP and the day after, at the Impact Hub in the Mission.

I think this startup could be a pretty big deal.

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