Should You Follow Your Passion or Should You Follow Excitement?

“Make sure what you do today matters, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.”

Looking for that dream job? It seems as though we all are. Is it the job with the most notoriety? The job that pays the most? The job that will impress your peers? The job that when you go to bed at night, you’re just itching to wake up at 6am and get back to? Or the job your parents wanted you to have?

You could make a case for any of those. But in my opinion, there is no such thing as a dream job. Your job is just part of your overall life…and I’m striving to build my “dream life”.

To start, we’ve all heard that you should follow your passion. What are you passionate about? And what does following your passion really mean? If you love golf, should you drop everything and go try to make it on the PGA tour? Probably not. As Mark Cuban has pointed out a handful of times, just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t mean 1) you’re good at it and 2) you should make that your job/career. So instead of just chasing my passion(s) as I was searching for my next opportunity, I looked at what excited me. What would add excitement to my life? What would bring me happiness and joy daily? What would make me feel more alive?

I learned through my time playing sports and coaching that being part of a team and staying physically active excited me. I learned from being a personal trainer that I was excited when I could help others achieve feats they never thought possible. I learned through my time at one of the top accounting and consulting firms in the world that being stuck at a desk cranking through numbers, spreadsheets, bank statements, etc. did not excite me. I learned through my time at LifeFuels that I enjoyed making new connections, providing people with a solution to solve their problems, connecting influencers with one another, and recruiting top talent, while being in a place where I’m adding value to the end goal on a daily basis.

Pulling from those experiences I found out I wanted to be some place where I could help others achieve their goals, work with a great team, gain opportunities to expand and grow my network, pursue my physical/athletic passions, and last but definitely not least add value to my life and those around me day in and day out.

Excitement will lead you to a passion which will put you on a path to discover yourpurpose.

After analyzing all the things that excited me, I started looking for opportunities in a variety of industries. I had several opportunities to join top companies in multiple industries ranging from tech, to finance, to health/fitness, to education, to beverage/nutrition. I ended up choosing Inside Sales Bootcamp and here’s why.

Inside Sales Bootcamp is a career accelerator for young professionals and a sales acceleration engine for high growth companies.

They help students and recent graduates gain real world experience, learn new tools and skills, expand their professional networks, and land sought after jobs through our workshops and boot camps. On the company side, they help companies find, onboard and ramp new hires. They enable and improve the existing people, processes and sales technology stacks to ultimately help companies build a culture of sales excellence.

Right away I was enthusiastic because the opportunity with Inside Sales Bootcamp offered multiple things that excited me; the opportunity to help others achieve their goals, opportunity for me to expand and grow my network, opportunity for me to move to Boulder Colorado where I could take advantage of all the outdoors, and opportunity to be in a role where I add value day in and day out.

There was one thing missing though. The TEAM. Having played team sports since the age of 5 (everything from soccer, to baseball, to football, to rugby, to lacrosse and most recently CrossFit), I know how important team dynamics are to succeed. It’s not the team on paper that determines success. It’s the team that supports, understands, encourages, and goes to bat for one another. The team where everyone knows that in order to succeed they need to work just as hard as the person next to them.

I remember my first phone calls with both Mike and Ryan (Co-Founders of Inside Sales Bootcamp). How nervous, skeptical, and excited I was all at the same time. After several video calls, multiple phone conversations, and numerous email exchanges I was convinced that they were a duo building a team I wanted to be a part of. From their candid responses, to flexibility around timing, willingness to help with the cross country move, visible excitement around the possibility of having me as a teammate, and demonstration of their work ethic I was convinced this was a team worth joining.

As I am writing this post, I’m about 6.5 weeks into working here at Inside Sales Bootcamp and couldn’t be happier with the decision I made. Do I know my Purpose in life right now? Not completely. It’s becoming clearer to me though, little by little. What I do know is that I wake up and go to bed everyday happy. I wake up with a fire inside me to want to help this team succeed. I enjoy working with the people on my team. I’m in a place that respects my opinion and allows me the opportunity to add tangible value day after day. And above all else, I’m in a place that has me living a life I’m proud of.

So remember: do what excites you. Let that excitement be the light to your path. Allow it to guide you to a passion. And let that passion help you discover your purpose.

Healthy Wishes,


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