Alright Wil, you got my attention.
Trent Lapinski

The amount of shameless behavior demonstrated by these grown adults who lost and didn’t get their way is astounding. You provided an accurate and honest assessment of the factors involved in the outcome of this election and people are clinging to caricatures force fed to them by the media of those who disagreed with their opinion. This person’s unwillingness to generate the courage to challenge the validity of the caricature is likened to an infant clinging to a stuffed bear for comfort and security. Truly astonishing to witness the extent to which they are willing to forgive themselves for behavior that will leave an indelible mark on their stature in this world. It’s like the kid who doesn’t get his way and then starts punching himself in the face because he hasn’t acquired the self control to accept disappointment like an adult yet. When I see this sort of behavior I am even more astonished that this guy believes anyone would be willing to align their political opinions with his. I am being completely honest when say I am only more assured that my vote for the candidate opposing his choice was the absolute right one to have made. This values and standards this guy conducts himself by are far more deplorable than the racist, homophobic boogeymen he believes are out there. And the beautiful irony of it all, that he stands before the world, a monster crying that he is afraid of monsters is wasted on him. At least some of us get see it.