The Big “NO’s” In Credit Card Processing

I wanted to take the time in discussing the “NO’s” in processing and the Major “NO” NO’s for a new online merchant account.

First lets start out with the type of business your running. Whether your a online merchant, retail, service or MOTO follow some simple steps. It just might save you a lot of headache.


If you are in the online space of selling products, services or digital goods the most important thing you can do is be compliant with all regulatory laws. This goes for your Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Check Boxes or opt in features for additional items added to the cart or up-sells and if your business requires a license or bond then get it!!! These need to be clearly posted and disclosed.


If you are a USA based company and selling products internationally you better make damn sure your processor knows this in advance. WHY? Because this will save you a headache of having your account closed or funds held due to US based banks are not in the business of processing International transactions. 1. They are Risky. 2. You have fulfillment problems or import issues and 3rd is that the customer will more than likely chargeback and win and you lose on all costs.


Never ever ever ever get a new account set up and start dumping in batches of Bad transactions, retries, or international transactions on a brand new account. WHY? Cause you will lose your account the next day, no questions asked and no reason for explanation other than you as a merchant should 1. Know better and 2. Just being plain Ignorant and most importantly, putting us at risk and yourself at risk.


When applying for a merchant account, Do not hide your pages, your links, your way of doing business or anything else. Believe me when i say this. When you process with KeyBancard, we do not take the GOOD ONLY, We also take the Bad and Turn you into good and doing it the right way. If we know your history, your problems your actual numbers, we can help you get back on track. Trying to fool a processor these days is the number one way to end up on the Mac system, TMF and Watch alerts, and ever worse in the hands of regulators and fines.

And believe me they are all interconnected now, so be honest, and we will treat you fairly, and approve your account the right and honest way.


Once your account is approved, talk to us, let us know your batches, what your going to start with, how much volume your going to send over so we can be aware and not have issues. This is the easiest thing to do when dealing with a true Boutique Processor like us. We are not like the rest, We are pro merchant, however we expect communication, honesty and upfront answers so we can expect, help and advise. We are your advocate and custodian of your money in the process so keep it real and honest.


We understand their are hundreds of processors out there. However the truth is, very very few are truly on your side. We are one of the only pro commerce and Processors that work hard to help our merchants. We are on your side, although in order to be on your side the “NO” “NO’s” have got to be adhered too and understood and you can count on us for life.

KeyBancard Prides itself on its history with merchants, approvals, and ability to do medium to high risk accounts and by doing them right, fair and honest. So give us a call and we will straighten you out and get you onboard quickly and with success.

Processors are like Ketchup, they are all the same, except the few, and we are the few, we know it, our merchants know it, and our confidence knows it.

So get your stuff together, #hustle and give us a call or send an email to for more information and advice.

As always We wish you the best in success and life.

David VanKomen

Executive and Risk Mitigation #MerchantAccounts #CreditCardProcessing #Businessideas #Hustle

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