How to use oregano

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For once, it’s alright if there are no anchovies or mushrooms on your pizza. But it is never okay to not have oregano on one! Oregano seasoning has been an integral part of Italian dining. It’s unique flavour and rich aroma has helped Italian cuisine gain its individuality. Although it’s an easy to use herb, it’s important to know where and how to use oregano seasoning.

In pizzas:

Everyone sprinkles it mindlessly on a completely cooked pizza. But the real trick lies in imbibing the herb’s very essence in its making. Have you ever tried adding a hint of oregano while making the dough or pizza sauce? Oregano is predominantly used as a seasoning on a made pizza. Try this new way of having your pizza and see the difference in flavour.

In Marinaras:

Oregano isn’t just confined to Italian food. It’s found in most continental cuisines. Next time you are making a marinara for your chicken, add a dash of oregano and devour it to your heart’s content! The marinara will sure take a rich Italian turn in it’s essence. But who’s complaining, right?

On salads:

Adding dollops of tasty sauces will defeat the very purpose of a salad if you are on a stingy diet. The healthiest and a tasty substitute to it would be virgin olive oil and some oregano seasoning! It can get quite difficult to find a flavour good enough which is equal parts healthy and tasty. We have effectively done that for you! Both ingredients being rich in nutrition and low on carbs, your dietary salads will never be boring again!

Be generous but also be a miser:

The taste of the food you eat completely depends on the herbs and spices used and also on the way you use it. If meant for seasoning, be generous. If you just want a hint of it in your meal, then add a little to tease the eater. Oregano being rich in taste, flavour and aroma, even minute amounts does the trick.

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