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The Herbs and Spices Fusion

Earlier there is used to be a start difference in Indian and international cuisine. But now the love that the western world has for herbs and spices, is giving birth to a fusion of both worlds. From home-made food to every street food vendor, fusion food has come a long way!

Here are some of our favourite dishes which show a fusion inspired by the Indian herbs and spices!

Butter Chicken pizza — Who doesn’t love a fusion between two of the most loved dishes in India! Butter Chicken and pizza come together to make a mouth-watering combination. Loaded with herbs and spices like pepper, coriander and oodles of cheese it is one delectable dish!

Curried lamb — Cooked in a traditional western way but containing the robust flavours of a spicy Indian curry, curried lamp is a hot favourite. With enough herbs and spices added to give a wonderful marinated flavour to the lamb, this dish is easy to make!

Egg Bhurji — Scrambled eggs cooked to perfection along with onions, tomatoes and Indian herbs and spices such as garam masala, pepper, red chillies and a hint of oregano seasoning make one of the most popular breakfast dishes in India! Eat it with pao or a slice of bread or just the way it is, it tastes delicious either way.

Indian Style Chinese — Who doesn’t love a good plate of noodles cooked the Indian way! Found on every street corner and made quite easily at home, the Indian noodles are the best of both worlds. Loaded with herbs and spice sit they add the much needed zing to the bland Chinese generally made. Be it some garam masala or some Indian veggies, this dish is surely everyone’s favourite.

Tandoori Sandwich — A variation of the much love dish around the world, we have learnt to stuff pulled chicken or shredded paneer between two slices of bread and coming up with a wonderful dish! The best part is that the sandwich can be made with leftover chicken or paneer. Since home cooked food is loaded with herbs and spices you don’t need to add anything to it! Just shred some leftover paneer, load it in the sandwich, sprinkle some cheese and you are done. Easy to make and it helps you get rid of leftovers in a delicious way!