Hot Topics of Chapter One

Chapter one The Nature of News covers what news is and how professional journalist should cover news. Reading through the different topics it is easy to observe a trend that continues to occur throughout chapter one. The rise of citizen journalism was brought up pretty consistently, especially in today’s day and age considering how prominent technology has become over the past few decades. Facebook, Twitter, and blogging sights, are the main places to find writers who just want to be heard. For most of these individuals they are not looking to make a living out of journalism but unknowingly they are participating in the field of journalism. Citizens all over the United States are practicing their first amendment rights on social media.

Technology is huge in today's world and the power of social media and the internet has the ability to reach a vast majority of society. Professional Journalists have to find news that has not already reached the community so that they can deliver what is new and exciting. This can be difficult to do whilst there are many other competitors. Being the first to deliver the news and have the capability to tell the story in a clear and impact-full way is a the key to becoming a good journalist.

Having the ability to Maintain accuracy, fairness, and leaving out bias, can be challenge but not impossible. When writing a story it is crucial to use correct spelling in every situation, even in direct quotes. Being fair in a story is also key being sure to find out every side and not allowing oneself to succumb to their own opinions and to simply deliver the facts of the story. If you are to deliver a story that gives the reader the capability to form their own opinions and ideas you must refrain for any bias.

The main topics allowed me to see the importance of professional journalism and citizen journalism. This field is intriguing to so many because of its never ending changes and the ability it has to impact so many people. Chapter one did an excellent job of describing what news is and how as journalist we can improve news industry as a whole.

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