Mayor of Charlotte Imposes a Midnight Curfew due to hundreds of protests

Charlotte North Carolina has been in an uproar since the Tuesday police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. Most of the riots have remand peaceful until Sept 22 at 10 p.m., when Justin Carr a civilian was shot and killed by another civilian. Mayor Jennifer Roberts of Charlotte has signed the paper work in which a midnight curfew will be in effect until 6 a.m.

Puerto Rico Slowly Emerges from Blackout

The tropical heat is not ideal when there isn’t any air-conditioning to help keep one cool and refreshed. Puerto Rico endured two nights with a nation wide power outage, it wasn’t until Thursday morning there was a glimpse of hope when the lights began to flicker. Some say the outage was caused by a lightening strike that hit the main power line while others say it is the power companies lack of updated equipment.

United Nations Ongoing Investigation on the Syrian Chemical Weapon Crisis

As the devastation in Syria continues the United Nations still pushes to seek out the individuals responsible for the chemical explosives. There has been a short extension on the investigation that will start on Sept. 30 and end on Oct. 31. This will allow the United Nations to complete its final report and hopefully find the answers they have been searching for since 2013.

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