Redemption is cool running as a wise man said!

As long as the Sun and the Moon shine on the earth,

Life will always be a constant struggle between darkness and light,

Few people realize the strenuous age in which we live,

No war is gained by words,

War is won first in the mind and then in the battle,

One can’t rely on the evanescent power of one own’s illusions,

Nothing is constant and change is the only Constance,

The meek will inherit the world, a wise man said!

Focusing on what is essential and transcendent,

This life passes so quickly without self-knowledge,

That is the most precious gift that one can have,

A mind that pierces the material illusion,

A heart that feels and is compassionate towards all organic beings,

Those are the pre-requisites towards a balanced state of mind,

It is an unstable equilibrium so one must fight the antagonistic forces of this world,

One must meditate and reflect inwardly,

Many words can’t express the urgency of this matter,

Yet life’s struggles and challenges tend to lead us away from this urgency,

Fear not: “Dema know know…”