Numbers are the basic foundations in the symbolic exchange that is money,

A system based on addition and subtraction of numbers,

This system was meant to free man from the hurdles of caring commodities in the ancient exchange system,

In Modern times, it has become the poisonous liquid that has infected all symbolic relations,

By the power that was conferred to this symbolic exchange,

Traders have been using it to sell both man’s sweat and man’s vital organs,

A dawn fall from the idealistic exchange it was meant to liberate,

Most man-made systems are represented by numbers,

All the symbolic exchanges and sacred exchange were reduced to binary codes,

Binary codes made of bits: 0 and 1,

There is a war, some call it the Armageddon,

This war is between the primitive and civilized, between the ancient ways and the modern ways, the traditional culture and Hollywood type culture,

It is a silent war that has buried millions of innocent people,

If the root of this war is not dealt with,

It will be the end of the sacred human exchange relationship,

In this free fall, only the those who are connected to the true knowledge of self will survive,

At the end, all we know is that we don’t know.