The Longing

Long for the Beloved,

Look not for Him on the path,

Nothing is more potent in this world,

This secret has been hidden,

This pain of longing was hidden to the commoner,

And revealed to a few,

His absence is the knife that cuts your throat,

Burn but in burning let no smoke appear,

There is no more to say,

The heart only belongs to the Beloved,

What Love is?

Who knows?

Love has no limit just like the ocean,

Real Love, one must be strong to endure,

This Love tears your heart thread by thread,

You can’t protect yourself from Love,

Let yourself dive in Love and let it fill your entire fabric of your heart,

This will break your psychological barriers,

This substance is a living substance that holds the stars and the planets together,

It is Transcendent and mysterious,

It works within.


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