The spark in the heart


I asked her why she cried?

She said: your love is my shadow,

I can’t get enough yet it feels strange..

Why do you worry then, I said?

She said: the more I love you, the less I know you..the more i drown in your love..a shadow to me you become.

I said: the beloved knows not the depth of love..he only knows how it feels. How does it feel then?

She said: it feels like cool water on a dry throat…it feels like sun rays in a chilly is magical and real!

I said: let’s dance to the rhythm of the stars, lets drink from the Eternal wine..let’s get drunk from This wine…

The love you feel is only the reflection of your Innerself. The warmth you feel is the manifestation of your vibration.. yet you see me as the beloved,

I am humbled and I throw my face in the much love for a mere mortal…I live and love you.