“…when visual or natural language programming is powerful enough that it gives the average civilian…
Ian Scott

The challenge about non-engineers using simple interfaces to ‘code’ is because its hard to distinguish between a DIY vs engineering problem space.

Building a website is DIY and hence Wordpress is a power drill for non-engineers. But building a web application yourself is an engineering problem that would require you to become an junior architect. In theory you could learn enough to put out an MVP without going to deep in the rabbit hole. But as soon as you are able to build a scalable and dynamic application that works well, you would have already accumulated enough skills to be a junior developer. So its either DIY or go deep into the rabbit hole — that’s my theory.

If you want the rabbit hole, there is always a way for you to get back on track. I came up with a ‘learning to code’ recipe that almost guarantees that anyone who wants to learn programming will eventually find the easy way to assimilate the knowledge.

I hope your web app works out soon.

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