Earn Money.

There are two ways to have money. 
You can make money, or you can earn money. And people really need to earn money.

Work. Why would you go to work? Please, try to think of it as less of an obligation and more of a necessity. Yes, a necessity. You are the necessity. Because, no matter what is your job. Somebody, somewhere somehow needs it. Man! If you sell Ice Cream, you are kind of selling happiness. In my opinion at least.

So let’s take this job as an example. You can make money selling Ice Cream, or you can earn money selling Ice cream.

  1. Make it : You can adopt an attitude of I hate this job,and spread all kinds of negative energy within yourself, before it is launched to the world around you. Considering that you spend most of your time working. So, you are probably programming your mind to hell.
  2. Earn it : You can adopt an attitude of this job is needed, (of course you can leave the job whenever you want ,but while you are on the job , you hating the job is not going to make it any less of a job.) and spread all kinds of positive energy within yourself, before it is launched to the world around you. And recognize that someone’s day might be made, or summed in that Ice Cream spoon you gave.And of course the Ice Cream. ( By the way, whenever I have a good day, I buy Ice Cream on purpose to save that Ice Cream spoon, which somehow reminds me of that specific good day)

So, Ice Cream sellers, paper boys or girls. Plumbers, Gardeners, and the Janitors who helped putting a man on the moon.

You are heros.

Most artists, musicans, athelets, writers…Are rich. Because, the majority of them are practicing their passion, still of course not all them earn money… Still, their job is as vital to the world as yours is.

Please acknowledge that,when you do your work with passion, integrity, and most importantly care, and the constant seek to create value,and difference. And all difference is a difference no matter how tiny. Then ,whatever your work is, you don’t make money.

You earn money.

And only you can tell if you are making money, or earning money. And please believe that earned money tastes the best.